Friday, December 09, 2011


when we grow older, we see things more clearly and there will be more decision to make.. is sad to see my grandpa getting older and older, weaker and weaker, is sad to see that our family is having tons of problems because of some small arguement tat is not even important tat only concern bout face prob.. is sad to know tat all the kind and love tat i used to hv when i was young are just fake face that wan to show out and let others see ...=(.. OH IT WAS SAD....=( but i dun care anymore... all i need to do now.. is to be nice to my family and let them be happy tats all i can do...

P.S. i miss you grandma..=')

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

after a year...=))

After a year.. wow... is been a year since i blog.. hmmm.. is even longer den the one piece waiting time hehe.. well a year is not tat long yet is not very short either.. many thing changes, people changes... u changed i changed... as we grow older.. more and more problems we hav to face .. but tats life the only thing we can do is accept it and solve the problems.. hehe..=) so in the great year ahead .. i wish tat everything will be very smooth and steady for all of us...=)

my new bunch of crazy, fun , nice , handsome , pretty, super cute frens.. i love them like hell.. without them my uni life willbe miserable... hahaha.. love u guys and we will hv more and more outings and do freaking lots of crazy stuffs tgt..=)

P.S. I LOVE U <3<3<3<3<3 ...=)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

exam exam EXAMSSSS!!!!!

SHIT!!!! is exam period again liao... stressful!!! i just study finish a small part of econs and my brain jam liao.. i stare at the same page for half an hour and din know wat was i reading.... arghhhhh!!!! y do we need to go through these??? sometimes i was thinking it will be better that we return back to life thousand years ago .. where everyone farm ... that time everything was so simple... so peaceful so nice..... maybe our world is improving too fast and there maybe a new start during 2012... 2012 may not be the end ... maybe it is the new start for human or shld i say homo sapiens.... to realise tat simple life would probably be better den having high tech but with no humanities...... 知足常乐,人类需要明白这个道理,不然环境污染,战争将会不断的发生。。



Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ThE MIsTAke OF GOd: A lOVe SonG#links

back to life...=))))

well well well.. the blog has came back to life... lol.. is been long time since i last post .. wasnt having any feeling to post anything last few months... hehe.. but now i am back.... cause i am too free i think haha.. late at nite.. 3 am still not slping well guess wat.. this is uni life hehehehe..=))...woohoo man is in uni finally haha.. well staying in hostel making new frens.. interesting ppl interesting life makes me wanna know more here.... heee... with lots of temptation and fun stuff i really need to find balance for my study and play... hee i hope i will do well in my first sem here.. i really hope so... so i am starting my engine and puting NOS on it now is time to prepare for my exam in 5 wks time hehe.. well lets talk bout my first moment here.. hee there was a very very society here name MSA malaysian student association... which gather all the malaysian students and makes them a big family hehe... i join the FOC camp they did and it was awesomely fun heee.. and i am still staying in this big family until now....the bonding is very strong..which i cannot decribe with words.. hehe here is the family photos of us DRACHMANssss!!! hehe we rocksssss!!!!

We been through many stages in our life, uni is a path that we must precious the most, cause it maybe the last stage that we can enjoy before we move in to the working life... i am having lots of fun here... wat bout u all??? hehehe..=)))

although there is endless fun here but i really shld get back on track on my studies... really i need some motivation plsss... haha... i need to start mugging tat is wat i been telling myself for the past few days... well i will do my best and leave no regrets... i wish i will not screw up my life here.. wish every of the ones i known to be happy and healthy always... and be grateful of everything that we r having now..=)))..知足常乐=)))

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


wow is been a while... i am just too lazy to update anything since there isnt anything fun happening in my life recently ... all those happenings are about money, quarrelling.. lost.... bla bla bla... damn.... well bad things happen through out our life.. my mom taught me tat when u encounter any of these things... u nid to stand firm on ur own thinking... well i did tat....haha... but i still feel sad.... there isnt right or wrong about anything in life.... is just whr u stand.... to me i just believe in myself... and i hv my own thinking .... those who dun understand dun come and interupt me.. let me live my own life... let me enjoy my short term life that i will leave no regrets behind... let me be myself... let me be happy so tat i can bring happiness to everyone ard me.... everytime i was call to make a wish.... the only thing i wish is that me and everyone i known will live happily forever.. but is our world that is the hardest thing to achieve... will there be one day tat everyone is contain with wat they hv and live happily ... ignore about improving lifestyle , ignore bout how much education u can get.. ignore everything and be contain.. and stay happy.... i hope tat day will come.. but i doubt it will come.. cause human r always "not enough"... they hv this.. they wan more.. human r still human.. lalalalala~~~

Friday, April 23, 2010

To my BEloved GrandmA...=)

This will be a boring post but it willl be very very meaningful to me and my family... cause is about my beloved grandma... she just passed away last month... on the 25 of MARCH 2010... just saw some photos of passed CNY... hmm miss her... the photo below is the last QUAN JIA FU we taken.. hmmm nice rite.. gonna be very precious to me, us... my grandma... hmmm the last word i say to her is i will be back in 2 wks.. but after 2 wks i am back.. but she is not dere waiting me liao... hmmm no more her warm welcoming when i back.. no more my favourite food cook by her... only left the lonely silent sound and my tears dropping sound... hmmm.. i really regret y i wasnt there with her to walk her last path ... hmmm haizzzz..... sad sad sad.... i really hope she can see my success , my family and my children..... i wna my kids to know i hv a wonderful grandma .... i wan her to enjoy her life longer... hmmmm...... the worst thing is .. when i heard the news... i cant cry.. cause.. i forgot how to cry.. haiz..... until i reach home.. i breakdown... hmm well everyone breakdown... hmmm i miss her laughter,.... i miss her voice... i miss her cooking... i miss her care... i miss her nagging ... i miss her... hmmm... 樹欲靜而風不止、子欲養而親不在... now i really know the meaning .... i swear i will treat my family better now...=).... cause i dun wan to regret..=)

FAMILY = Father And Mother I Love You.....=) this is wat family means...=)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The END??? of all??

Hmmm, the world is changing... earthquake, flood, tornado bla bla bla... the earth itself is changing its shape... hmmm just watched a video of a killer wave hits a cruise... the wave is 26ft tall and it shake the cruise like toy boat... wow... wth is happening?? is the end really coming?? is it real tat 2012 will be the end of all?? hmmm u can really feel it... take a simple example... will the weather be so so so damn hot 10 yrs back??? it wont... but it is like freaking hot until i am on fire!!! ... the world is changing truly.. lets hope mankind will survive this disaster...=).... if the shape of the world will change... i hope it will change into the world in "One Piece"....=)...Den i can go sailing... pirate or not i dun care.. i wna freedom on sea!!! woohoo... tat shld be fun..=) but but but.. lets just precious wat we hv now... love our family, frens and love ones.... hv some real quality time with them... dun leave any regrets.... not one..... or maybe jsut one or a few...=)

" ONE PIECE.. is out dere!!!!!" said by White Beard the legendary pirate... he is the 2nd pirate king i assume..=)